Civil Court: Court order isn’t required to dispose of vessels cleared from Thilafushi lagoon

K. Thilafushi. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

There is no cause for the court to ascertain Housing Development Corporation (HDC)’s right to dispose of vessels that aren’t removed in accordance with announcements for removal of vessels docked or sunken in the lagoon of K. Thilafushi, states the Civil Court.

HDC has issued five announcements instructing the removal of vessels abandoned in the Thilafushi lagoon.

Following lack of compliance with the announcement, HDC lodged a case with the Civil Court seeking a ruling to ascertain HDC’s right to dispose of the vessels.

The court ruled that there was no cause to issue such a ruling, citing failure of HDC to provide any legal and judicial basis for such a ruling.

In the announcements seeking the removal of the vessels, HDC said that the vessels were causing delays in the projects being run by HDC, in addition to environmental damages by the sunken vessels.