Reclamation of second area in Thilafushi begins after completion of first

Land reclamation ongoing at Thilafushi. (Photo/Urbanco)

Reclamation of the second area (Area A) under the second phase of Thilafushi land reclamation project began on Tuesday, following the completion of the reclamation of the first area (Area B) of the four areas that will be reclaimed under the project.

Urbanco estimates that the reclamation of Area A, measuring 71.5 hectares, will be completed during February of next year. Area B, which has been completed, measures 39.6 hectares.

Physical works on the reclamation of four areas under the second phase of the Thilafushi reclamation project began on September 14th.

They include:

Area A: 71.5 hectares

Area B: 39.6 hectares

Area E: 5.9 hectares

Area F: 0.73 hectares

The four areas are being reclaimed by China’s Harbor Engineering Company.

Thilafushi industrial project is undertaken by Urbanco, under instructions and advice from the government.

Urbanco states the issue of industrial works in Male’ City will be completely resolved at the completion of the development of Thilafushi’s second phase. In this trajectory, land plots, vast in size, will be issued to businesses for industrial and other purposes upon completion.