Reclamation of planned areas in Thilafushi completed

K. Thilafushi: Reclamation of planned areas on the island now complete. (Photo/HDC)

Housing Development Corporation (HDC), on Monday, has announced the completion of the reclamation of areas planned to be reclaimed under the second phase of Thilafushi reclamation project.

In this regard, HDC said the reclamation of the four areas – Area A, Area B, Area E and Area F – under the second phase of the Thilafushi reclamation project is now complete, totaling up to 120 hectares of land.

Efforts are now underway to level the land reclaimed from Area E, they noted. 

The corporation underscored that the second phase of Thilafushi reclamation project is undertaken by the company in collaboration with China’s Harbor Engineering Company.

HDC also emphasized that the corporation always works in accordance with the instructions by the government in completing important projects undertaken for the development of the Maldives as per the stipulated timeline to ensure its benefit to the people at the earliest possible.

As per the corporation, land plots, vast in size, will be issued to businesses for industrial and other purposes upon completion of the development of Thilafushi’s second phase.