Minister Aslam: Need policy allowing land to be given from non-registered islands

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam responds to questions at the Parliament on April 6, 2022. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Minister of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam on Wednesday said that it was important to have a policy under which land can be given to people from outside of their registered islands as well.

Speaking at the Parliament session in response to a question asked by Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim regarding land issuing policy, the minister said that by law is it not illegal to grant land if an individual requests it from an island that is not their residential one.

“If it is a Maldivian citizen, land can be given from anywhere in Maldives.”

He went on to note that the topic of land needed to be discussed on a grander scale, and a policy has to be found to make decisions based on in the future.

Additionally, when all the councils sent their respective policies on giving land, issuing to restored individuals of the island is commonly clause in all. He added that the same is being followed today in giving land to Male’ residents.

“This is not only to be done for Male’ or other islands. The same thinking has to be applied to the entire nation, and any Maldivian citizen should be given [land] from anywhere.”

 Furthermore, he said that some islands have been reclaimed so extensively that any more reclamation is impossible.