Opposition calls for strict punishment against assailant in brutal murder of Shiaau

Opposition leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom speaks at an event. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition, on Sunday, has called for strictest punishment permitted by the law against the assailant in the brutal murder of Shiaau Mohamed Saeed, Kuri, Fuvahmulah City, without mercy – in ensuring justice for her family.

Shiaau was violently murdered on Saturday night, on 9th floor of H. Sheereen Villa, located at Burevi Magu where Cibo Café is situated. Her limbs and her head had also been dismembered in the attack.

Police arrested renowned local skater Ali Shaahil, 22, Finfenmaage, F. Nilandhoo, in connection to the case from the crime scene. He has been remanded in custody pending the outcome of his trial.

In a statement released regarding the brutal murder which shocked the Maldivian nation – the opposition coalition said that they are expressing concern over the inhuman slaying of a young girl with deep sadness. A prayer was also stated for the victim and also her family and friends.

“Calling to expedite the investigation to identify the person behind this inhuman act, persons involved in the act and supported it. Also calling for strictest punishment permitted by the law against people committing such inhumane acts without mercy,” the statement read.

Conveying condolences to Shiaau’s family and friends – the opposition coalition expressed their intention to fully participate with them in this period of sadness.