Suitcase which triggered safety scare revealed to contain waste

Unattended suitcase discovered at Kalhuthukala Koshi area in Male’ City presumed to have been holding explosive device. The suitcase, following screening by authorities, has been revealed to contain waste.

The suitcase presumed to have been holding an explosive device, triggering a safety scare in Male’ City, has been revealed to be containing waste.

A Police Spokesperson detailed that officers from Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) and Maldives Police Services attended to Kalhuthukala Koshi area in Male’ City at around 12:40pm on Sunday afternoon following reports of an unattended suitcase possibly containing an explosive device.

However, the Spokesperson added that no such items were discovered on the suitcase during their screening of the object.  

On the contrary, Sun has learned that the suitcase contained waste.

Similar instances of unattended suitcases presumed to be containing explosive devices have been reported from different areas of Male’ City previously.  In most such cases, the suitcases have ultimately been revealed to contain waste.