22.02.2022 – 85 marriages scheduled at Family Court

Photo shows a marriage ceremony held on the Sinamale' bridge on August 31, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Family Court of Maldives revealed that there are 85 marriages scheduled for 14, February, Tuesday.

The date for Tuesday is 22.02.2022, and many Maldivians prioritise nicer dates to get married on.   

From the 85 marriages, Family Court stated that 46 are to be held in court while the remaining 39 will be held outside of court.

This marks the highest number of marriages scheduled for a single day so far this year.

In addition to marriages, there are 18 divorce-related cases scheduled at the court for Tuesday as well.

The most recent notable day this year was 02.02.2022. On that day 39 couples got married.

In December 2021, on the date 21.12.2021, a total of 57 couples tied the knot, marking it the highest number of marriages in 2021.