Minister Shauna: People will purchase Solar PV like Ac's with Home Solar programme

Minister of Environment Aminath Shauna speaking at the ceremony held to hand over the Home Solar Programme to FENAKA. (Photo/FENAKA)

Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology Aminath Shauna on Thursday stated that once the Home Solar programme starts people will begin to purchase like they buy an air conditioner for the house. 

During the ceremony held to hand over the Home Solar Programme to Fenaka Corporation, Minister Shauna stated that this was an important step taken towards advancing the renewable energy industry. 

"Once we create intrust in people, and demand is created, then people will buy Solar PV like they buy air conditioners for their homes. Then, every house, like how they buy air conditioners or buy washing machines, installing a Solar PV, in my opinion, will become something people will want and even demand." 

Noting that Maldives was one of the countries that suffer the consequences of changes in climate, she said that there is a very real fear of Maldives disappearing due to the irreversible consequences of this. 

Additionally, Minister Shauna highlighted that in 2019, a billion Rufiyaa was spent on importing fuel to the country. Due to this, they are working on reducing dependency on fuel and increasing renewable resources. 

Noting that since renewable energy is already being used in Maldives, she stated that the dependency on non-renewable energy sources can be reduced by a large margin. 

She further stated that Maldives has a target for 2023, to increase renewable energy by more than 20 percent of what was achieved by 2018, and if it is achieved, the country has high hopes of archives zero net emissions. 

"When our administration took office, across Maldives there was 16.5-megawatt solar energy sources established. Within the past three years, we have added 20 more megawatt solar, in different parts of Malives. I would like to note that right now there are 36.5 megawatts solar in the country.

"So by the end of this administration, God willing, we will generate at least 52.8-megawatt solar power. And this would save about MVR 240 million. This is what we are talking about. The work and spending that we are doing for this are not just for protecting the environment. This is an important step towards developing the nation as well