Fire breaks out in M. Muli house

Fire breaks out in a house in M. Muli on November 28, 2021.

A fire has broken out at a house in M. Muli. 

Muli Council’s president Shamoon Rameez told Sun the fire broke out at approximately 07:10 pm on Sunday, inside a kitchen built separately at the house Maafahi to cook fish. 

“The fire broke out inside a small kitchen built separately at the house to cook fish. The fire broke out while the stove had been on to cook fish. There was no one there at the time. The room cannot be used without being rebuilt,” he said. 

The fire is now under control. 

No one was injured in the incident. 

Shamoon said that two water tanks – one kept in the next room and the other inside the house – were also burnt beyond use in the fire.