Kurendhoo confirms two COVID-19 cases

Lh. Kurendhoo. (Photo/Pinterest)

Lh. Kurendhoo confirmed two COVID-19 cases on Thursday as cases in Lh. Atoll continues to mount.

Kurendhoo Council said the two cases include an individual who tested positive from random sampling and an individual linked with a positive case in Lh. Naifaru.

Kurendhoo Council said health authorities are conducting contact tracing in respond to the cases.

The cases in Kurendhoo come with multiple islands in Lh. Atoll, including Naifaru, Hinnavaru, Olhivelifushi and Felivaru under monitoring in response to outbreaks. Felivaru has confirmed 150 cases, Naifaru has confirmed 99 cases, Hinnavaru has confirmed 20 cases and Olhuvelifushi has confirmed 12 cases.

Maldives has confirmed 24,079 COVID-19 cases, including 241 new cases on Wednesday. 21,155 people have since recovered, while 67 have died from complications. The country currently has 2,849 active cases.