103 cases of violence against children, 36 cases of sexual abuse reported in August

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzain Nazim)

Gender Ministry announced on Tuesday that the authority received and attended to 103 cases of violence against children in July, including 36 cases of sexual abuse of children.

Gender Ministry released its case statistics for August on Tuesday afternoon.

It shows the authority received and attended to 184 cases in August.

103 of the cases involved violence against children, the majority of them involving sexual violence.

While 36 of the cases of violence against children involved sexual abuse of children, 24 cases involved negligence, 20 cases involved physical abuse, eight cases involved emotional abuse, seven involved witnessing domestic violence, five cases involved bullying and harassment, and three cases involved cyber bullying.

Gender Ministry also attended to 28 cases of gender-based violence or domestic violence in August.

10 of the cases involved emotional or verbal abuse, 10 involved physical violence, three involved rape, two involved sexual violence, one involved economic and financial abuse, one involved negligence, and one involved withholding or damage to property.

Gender Ministry attended to 16 cases involving family issues.

10 cases involved custody or access issues, five cases involved parenting issues, and one case involved failure to pay child maintenance.

Meanwhile, 13 cases were reported to the Gender Ministry in August involving care and support of the elderly and persons with disabilities.

It included 10 cases seeking care and support for persons with disabilities, and three cases seeking care and support for the elderly.

Gender Ministry attended to nine cases involving self-harm or suicidal behavior in August.

It included five cases involving suicidal behavior, three cases involving suicidal thoughts, and one case involving self-harming.

Meanwhile, Gender Ministry also attended to four cases involving children in conflict with the law. One of the cases involved physical assault and aggression, one involves theft, and two cases involved other criminal issues.

Nine cases involving child behavioral problems were reported in August, including three cases of refusal to attend school, three cases of running away from home, and three cases involving other behavioral problems.

Gender Ministry also attended to two cases involving violation of child rights in August. It included one case of refusal to grant access to education and one case of denial of national identity card, passport, and birth certificate.