Former President Waheed: Government has failed the public

Former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan speaking during an opposition rally on August 28, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan has directed criticism towards the current administration for failure to accomplish things for the public.

Dr. Waheed spoke in this manner during opposition protests held in Male’ City today. Speaking at today’s rally, Dr. Waheed said that the public was in a dire state right now which was evident because they came out for the protests. 

“We are seeing that the government is incapable of performing its responsibilities when the public are in a dire situation today which is the most dangerous one the country has ever faced. That the government cannot work to protect and safeguard the citizens. The government is incapable of doing this and has failed in it.” Said Dr. Waheed. 

He said that the protesters have shown disdain and concern towards the government. 

Dr. Waheed who was recently appointed as an advisor to opposition party PPM, said that the youths today were saying “Enough is Enough” and that their patience had reached its end. 

“We are seeing that the treasury of the public is going empty. All the funds are gone. No benefits were provided to the citizens. The anger of that is being expressed here.” Said the former President who is not commonly seen from public rallies. 

A large number of youths were seen taking part in the motorcycle ride protests in Male’ City. This goes strictly against HPA advisories calling against large public gatherings that could increase the spread of COVID-19. 

Already hit hard by the virus, the protests were some of the largest seen in the capital as of recently. Case numbers in the capital have skyrocketed since the beginning of August with a daily average of around 100-150.