Fenaka Corporation announces 40 percent discount on June electricity bill

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed, Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation. (Photo/Public Service Media)

A public utility company, Fenaka Corporation, on Saturday, announced the Maldivian government has made the decision to subsidize 40 percent of the electricity bill for the month of June.

The decision was announced over the Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

“The government has decided to award 40 percent discount on electricity bill in the month of June for Fenaka’s customers as well,” announced the corporation in its tweet.

The tweet does not contain any further details, and Fenaka Corporation officials were not immediately available for comment regarding the decision.

The decision comes after State Electric Company (STELCO) announced the government’s decision to subsidize 40 percent of the electricity bill for June on Thursday.

The decision to subsidize the electricity bill had following complaints over an unusually high electricity bill in June.

STELCO responded last week that the bill may be appearing to be unusually high following the discontinuation of subsidies which had been awarded on utility bills for residents of the capital in April and May, as part of the government’s efforts to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on individual citizens and households.

STELCO had ceased house visits to take electricity meter readings in the capital as a precautionary measure amid the community spread of the new coronavirus, asking customers to send in pictures of their electricity meter readings.

The company has stated that it prepared electricity bills of customers who did not send in pictures by calculating the average of the electricity bills for the past three months.

The issue of the unusually high electricity bill in June also led to South Gaolhu MP Mickail Ahmed Naseem pushing for the Parliament to look into, and hold STELCO accountable over the issue.