Gender, Police investigate case of minor, pregnant from rape

Anti-rape protest in front of Gender Ministry headquarters on June 29, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Gender Ministry and police have commenced an investigation into a case of a minor who was raped in an island in the central region of the Maldives. 

Police media officials confirmed that the case of a pregnant minor was reported to the Central Police Division today.  

The case was being investigated as a rape case, said police who are working in collaboration with the Gender Ministry on the matter. 

Police do not disclose details or identities of cases of minors in order to protect the integrity of the minors. 

The rape case is reported at a time when a high number of sexual crimes are being reported from across the nation. An 11-year old girl was also recently abused inside a guesthouse in Male’ City, while a 16- year old girl was blackmailed into being abused, in another recent case. A series of sexual assault targeted towards elderly women in Addu City was also recently reported. 

The public is still reeling back from the shock of a foreign woman who was allegedly raped on a safari last Friday night. Public anger has been directed towards the authorities and has even boiled over to protests for the release of the accused in the case.