2 arrested for sexual assault on safari released from custody

Safaris docked in Hulhumale' lagoon.

Two people arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a women on board a safari boat docked off the coast of suburban Hulhumale’ have been released from police custody.

The case was reported to the police at approximately 05:00 am on Friday.

The victim was identified as a woman of foreign nationality, while the suspects were identified as two Maldivian men of 39 years of age.

The two suspects were arrested from the safari boat.

A police spokesperson announced on Saturday morning that the two suspects have been released from custody, citing “lack of sufficient grounds to keep them detained for the investigation”.

While the suspects have been released from custody, the investigation into the case remains ongoing.

Maldives has seen a rise in reports of sexual offenses over the past months. Some of the reports include the rape of two children in guesthouses in Male’ City, and the sexual assault of three women in Addu City.