Islands for development to be leased from North, South Maldives

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed opens the Maldives Tourism Conference 2019 held at Crossroads Maldives on October 3, 2019. (Photo/Tourism Ministry)

Tourism minister Ali Waheed has stated that islands in the Northern and Southern atolls of the Maldives will be leased for tourism development.

Minister Waheed stated at the “Viyavathi Raajje” conference in Crossroads Maldives today that the new islands will be leased to fulfill the campaign pledge by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to develop 8000 more beds in the country.

“The biggest emphasis will be on the South and North of Maldives. The plans will include any and everything the President has pledged for in his manifesto, MDP manifesto, and during the campaign even.”

“This is the first time a list that will include everything pledged for during the presidential campaign. The environmental assessment and social-economic assessments (for the projects) have also been conducted.” said the Minister.

The budgets for training will also now take into account the newly opened resorts. Training will be made available from nearby the resort in collaboration with businesses and the government.

The Minister also urged the empowered councilors to work collectively with the government. He noted that Maldivians were the rightful owners of islands and those businesses and businessmen leasing the islands would also wish to connect with local islanders nearby.

The government is set on the target of adding 35,000 beds to the tourism industry by the end of the five- years of this administration