Funadhoo airport to be opened on January 15

The domestic airport in Sh. Funadhoo. (Photo/MTCC)

The domestic airport in Sh. Funadhoo will be opened on January 15.

A Transport and Civil Aviation official informed “Sun” that airport terminal and the air traffic control towers were also complete and the final preparations to open the airport were underway.

“Our target is to open the airport on January 15.” said the official.

Funadhoo airport is looking for employees to work at the regional airport.

The airport runway and land reclamation project of the airport was carried out by MTCC. The airport has a 1200-meter runway which has a width of 30 meters. The taxiway has a length of 90 meters while the apron has a width of 50 meters with a length of 150 meters.

Transport Ministry previously estimated that the airport would be operable in August 2019. The government also unveiled the Maafaru International Airport on November 1.

Four more airports are currently under development. They are the G.Dh Maavarulu airport, G.Dh Faresmaathodaa airport, Lh. Madivaru airport and H.A Hoarafushi airport.