Migrant arrested for threatening to ''blow up'' MNDF HQ

MNDF bomb disposal EOD teams working in an operation in Male' city in 2015, after it was reported that a car in the city contained a bomb.

A man who threatened to blow up the main headquarters of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) Bandaarakoshi, has been arrested.

A trusted source informed “Sun” that the man was involved in an incident that occurred around two weeks ago when a small pickup entered the military headquarters without authorization. The pickup which entered the base through the main gate as an MNDF vehicle was passing through, was perceived as another vehicle of the military by the officers on duty.

The man behind the wheel of the pickup is a foreigner and replied that he entered the base to “Blow it up” when questioned by MNDF military personnel after he entered the base. “Sun” also learned that the man attacked MNDF officers at the scene.

Despite his thinly veiled threat, soldiers did not find any such material from the pickup he was driving in, but the incident prompted MNDF to raise the alert levels to an emergency level. The man has now been handed over to Police who will further investigate the matter. He has now been remanded to 15 days in custody.

No word from official MNDF media officials and the Police has also not been available so far. This is not an incident that the country is new to, but it is also not an incident that the country is overly familiar with. People have been arrested on previous cases for carrying out bomb attacks and manufacturing bombs in the country.