Govt. removes fake quota document submitter list from gazette

Migrant workers in the Maldives. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The information of the parties who submitted fake quota documents to bring in migrant workers into the country published yesterday by the Economic Ministry has been withdrawn from the gazette. 

A media official of the Economic Ministry answered queries that the information was withdrawn to bring some changes to the list.

The list published by the Economic Ministry included the 13 parties including companies accused of submitting fake documents. They include nine companies and their serial numbers as well as shareholder information.

The list published by the Ministry yesterday

  • New Sun Investment Pvt Ltd.
  • Mishka Investment Pvt Ltd
  • Wamzo Pvt Ltd
  • Sarami Pvt Ltd
  • Zubair Abdulla (Ranhiru Fehun)
  • Saifullah Hassan (King Construction)
  • Jiaazu Maldives Pvt Ltd
  • Neo Eco Pvt Ltd
  • Usmaan Naeem (Combine Build)
  • Mohamed Fathuhullah (FSB Holdings)
  • Sun City Investments Pvt Ltd
  • Sinofech Pvt Ltd
  • Water Park Maldives Pvt Ltd

The statement by the Economic Ministry yesterday read that the information was also being shared with Police. The list published yesterday includes a company that has been contracted to do several government projects as well.

The Economic Ministry did not provide a date when the list would be republished. Several cases of attempted illegal entry into the country by migrant workers have also been noticed lately and have prompted a program by the Ministry to legalize the migrant workers in the country unlawfully.

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail who has stated previously that he would resign from the post if he fails to solve the migrant crisis has estimated that the number of illegal migrant workers in the country to stand around 50,000.

The work regarding migrant workers was previously carried out by Immigration but was changed to the Economic Ministry on March 21 by the government.