Taxi centers allowed to design their own apps

Sinamale' Bridge. (Sun File Photo)

Transport Authority has made the decision to annul its earlier regulation making it compulsory for registered taxis to register with a taxi application permitted by the authority, and has instead allowed the opportunity for taxi centers to design their own apps.

TA says it made the decision in light of requests by majority of taxi centers in operation in Maldives.

Deputy Transport Minister Mohamed Shimaz reported to Sun that newly registered taxis having to only register with a taxi application had been an issue of major concern to most of the taxi centers.

He said taxis will therefore be allowed to register both at taxi centers and applications.

“We have now given taxi centers 60 days to design and register a taxi application acceptable to Transport,” said Shimaz.

He said that private cars which wish to operate as taxis need to register with an app as established in the earlier regulations.

TA has approved three taxi apps of which two are currently in use. They are:

  • Avas Ride
  • Pick Me
  • AI

TA reports that several taxi centers have already designed taxi apps and submitted it for approval.