Pres. Yameen: We will only work with JP if they leave coalition

Ex-president Yameen and leader of JP Qasim Ibrahim; President Yameen has stated that he will only work with JP if the party leaves the governing coalition. (Photo/President's Office)

Former president Yameen has stated that his party Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Jumhooree Party (JP) can only work together if the latter separated from the governing coalition with MDP.

JP had worked with the opposition PPM and PNC party in the most recent parliamentary elections. President Yameen had seized on this point when speaking to reporters yesterday before departing on a campaign trip. President Yameen stated that JP had misled the public during the last parliamentary elections when it claimed that it was not working with any other party.

The former president was adamant when asked if he was willing to work with JP again. "JP can only join us if they detach themselves from the governing coalition," said the former President Yameen.

JP had supported 32 candidates from PPM and PNC at the parliamentary elections while PPM and PNC had supported 27 candidates from JP and contested for 59 constituencies in total in the election. However, the joint effort by the two parties yielded only 13 seats on the parliament for the parties out of the 87 seats.