''Smith'' appointed to Tourism Ministry

Ali Hashim "Smith".

A leading activist of the governing MDP, Ali Hashim (Smith) has been appointed to a senior post of the Tourism Ministry.

Smith was an activist of MDP that protested against the administration of President Yameen and has been arrested on several occasions during such protests. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih appointed Smith to the Tourism Ministry as a Senior Executive on Wednesday.

Smith was alleged to have threatened former Inguraidhoo MP Ibrahim Falah and was accused of attacking former deputy minister of Home Ministry Ahmed Siddheeg as well. He was arrested in the latter case but released soon afterward.

Smith was also arrested in connection with the murder of former Ungoofaaru MP Afraasheem Ali. He was later released without any charges and stated that his arrest was politically motivated. 

Former President Mohamed Nasheed had recently stated in MDP's youth conference that not everyone who was involved in party activities can be granted a government position. Some members of the public had raised concerns that more and more MDP activists were being appointed to government posts. There is also a growing concern regarding the increasing number of political positions within the government.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated in July that the number of political positions in the administration was at 334, and vowed to keep the number lower than previous administrations. Former President Yameen's administration saw 465 people be appointed to political positions.