Zameer: I sold a property to get one million for Pres. Yameen

Former Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer.

Former Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer has stated that he had sold a private property of his to obtain USD one million for former president Yameen.

A hearing was held in the money laundering case against president Yameen today where four witnesses of the state gave their statements.

They are:

  • Former Tourism Minister, Moosa Zameer
  • Deputy CEO of BML Mohamed Shareef
  • Former Board Member of BML Mohamed Luwaiz
  • Businessman Mohamed Waseem (Ensis)

Out of the four witnesses, only Shareef was questioned by the defense attorneys. The defense stated that the remaining witnesses were not relevant to the topic of the case. 

Shareef was questioned to prove that president Yameen had indeed created an Escrow account. Shareef stated that he had provided details regarding how to create an Escrow account to the-then president of Anti-Corruption Commission Luthfy. Shareef also stated that he was appointed as a contact point by the CEO of BML.

Shareef then stated that he was contacted by Azima Shukoor to obtain a transaction document of the account to confirm that the account was operating. 

BML deputy CEO Mohamed Shareef speaking at today's hearing.

Next on the stand was Luwaiz who stated that president Yameen had asked Azima to carry out private transactions of the former president and to do this in collaboration with other executive board members. Luwaiz also denied that he was contacted by anyone else other than Azima regarding the matter.

Former Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer and businessman Waseem were summoned to prove whether the USD one million that was deposited to president Yameen's account was from the MMPRC corruption scandal or through other means. Zameer stated that he had deposited USD one million to president Yameen's account after a request by the former president.

When the prosecution asked how this money was obtained, Zameer stated that he earned the money by selling his property. Zameer also stated that the money was arranged late and Azima had contacted him to speed up the process. He also stated that he was not informed of the purpose of the funds.

The next witness, Mohamed Waseem stated that he had purchased a property of Zameer for USD two million and deposited USD 1.8 million to Zameer at the start of the agreement. He also stated that transactions totaling MVR 15 million were conducted with Zameer later on.

Businessman Mohamed Waseem at today's hearing.

The remaining witness by the state in the case is the former president of ACC  Hassan Luthfy. He has stated his unwillingness to provide a statement on the case and also accused that his previous statement to the police was taken under duress. 

Both parties wish to summon Luthfy and while the prosecution had stated that no signs of duress were visible from the video interviews of Luthfy given to police. The judge in the case announced that a decision on the video interviews of Luthfy will be made at the next hearing before adjourning today's hearing.