Man arrested for smuggling MVR 2 million worth of drugs

MVR 2 million worth of drugs were found from a man's luggage.

A Maldivian male has been arrested for smuggling drugs worth MVR 2 million into the Maldives.

The man of 25 years was arrested after trying to smuggle the drugs in his luggage after landing from a flight from Trivandrum, India.

Customs officials stated that due to the suspicious nature of the man's actions, a search was conducted of his luggage which revealed 1.43 kilos of drugs including heroin and cocaine. Around 1.095 kilos of heroine and 0.333 kilos of cocaine were found from his luggage.

MVR 2 million worth of drugs were found a man's luggage.

According to Customs officials, the heroin found in his luggage has a street value of MVR 766,500 while the cocaine found had a street value of MVR 1,165,500 bringing the total up to MVR 1.93 million.

The drugs have now been handed over to the police who are now investigating the matter. 

A man was also arrested last Friday after he was found trying to smuggle around MVR 1 million worth of drugs into the country.