Gov. to repeal amendments to laws on elections, ex-presidents' privileges

A parliamentary session underway. (Photo/Parliament)

The government has submitted proposed amendments to the Presidential Elections Act and the Privileges and Protections for Former Presidents Act to the People's Majlis. 

The proposed amendments were focused on removing the immunities granted to former presidents or their spouses should they be found guilty of a crime committed during their official term in office. The President's Office also stated that this amendment only applies to Presidents who are convicted of a criminal offense only after this legislation was enacted.

The proposed amendment to the Presidential Elections Act seeks to remove the provision that stops candidates from contesting if it is less than 10 years since they had given up asylum or foreign citizenship or sought protection from a foreign government or attained foreign citizenship.

These laws were enacted during the administration of former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom as the Presidential election neared.