Financial declaration to be compulsory for PG, commissioners

File photo of members of the Elections Commission (EC). (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Government lawmakers are tipped to submit amendments to multiple laws designed to ban officials in independent positions within the State and members of independent commissions from engaging in private business ventures, and making disclosure of financial declarations compulsory for them and their families.

 Amendments are to be submitted to:

  • Prosecutor Generals’ Act
  • Audit Act
  • Civil Service Act
  • Anti-Corruption Commission Act
  • Elections Commission Act
  • Human Rights Commission Act

President’s Office reports the amendments are designed to ascertain independence and lack of influence in execution of responsibilities entrusted in independent State officials and members of independent institutions by the Maldivian constitution and Maldivian laws.

According to the office, the amendment to make disclosure of financial declarations compulsory for independent State officials and their immediate family will ensure independent State officials are free from corruption, and also that they don’t take any action with the intent to effect an unfair advantage or disadvantage to a certain party.

President’s Office reports the amendments will also ensure independent State officials do not engage in private business ventures or any other activity which may pose a conflict of interest.

Clauses are also to be added to existing laws to define a clear code of ethical conduct expected of State officials in independent positions and employees of independent institutions, and penalties for violation of ethical code of conduct.

The amendments:

  • A person holding an independent State position and his/her family must disclose financial declarations.
  • Establishment of a code of ethics, and penalties for ethical violations.
  • Ban on engaging in private business ventures and anything else which may result in a conflict of interest.
  • Cooperation to Parliament’s investigations.