Program to plant 1000 trees in Mahibadhoo kicks off

The program "Maadhama ah Fehikurun" is being taken part by school children, who are seen here planting trees. (Photo/Mahibadhoo Council)

A program to plant 1000 trees in three months has begun A.Dh Mahibadhoo .

The program participated by school children, Government offices and institutions from Mahibadhoo as well, is named "Maadhama ah Fehikurun" or working for a greener tomorrow. Its target is to plant 1000 trees in three months in different areas of the island. Around 120 trees were planted yesterday through this program.

Mahibadhoo Council is aiming to plant 1000 trees. (Photo/Mahibadhoo Council)

The president of the Mahibadhoo council Mohamed Haleel stated that this program will see trees planted on the main roads of the island. He also stated that this was done due to rising temperatures of the island and that the larger trees planted on the main roads would hopefully provide some shade.

"We aim to start a new generation of trees on the island. The existing trees were planted a long time back. We are very confident that we can plant 1000 trees in three months," said the president of the council.

School children planting trees in Mahibadhoo. (Photo/Mahibadhoo Council)

He also thanked other islands of the atoll who were supportive of the initiative by Mahibadhoo. He stated that the plant food was provided by A.Dh Dhigurah and also noted the support gained by the neighboring Alif Alif Atoll.