Maafaru airport to be operational in September

Maafaru Airport in Noonu Atoll. (Sun Photo)

Transport Minister Aishath Nahula has stated that the Maafaru airport in Noonu Atoll will be in operation by September.

While answering the questions of MPs at the parliament, Minister Nahula stated that even though test flights had been conducted to the airport the delay to begin scheduled flights was due to some unfinished work at the airport. She also stated that even though work on the airport had been halted due to the administration change, it was now swiftly progressing.

"The opening of the airport was due to some unfinished work. Maafaru airport will be in operation by September at the current rate of work," said Minister Nahula.

Maafaru airport is being developed as an international airport with the aid of the Abu Dhabi Fund. The airport will be capable of receiving Airbus A320S and Boeing 737s as well. 

Test flights were operated to the airport during President Yameen's administration.