Billion-dollar Maldives Partnership Forum begins

(From L-R) Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Ameer; Vice President Faisal Naseem; President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih; and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdulla Shahid at the inauguration of the 4th Maldives Partnership Forum at Kurumba Maldives on June 17, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

The 4th Maldives Partnership Forum has begun at Kurumba Maldives.

The forum is organized co-jointly by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to brief development partners and foreign investors on projects planned by the Maldivian administration.

The forum was inaugurated this Monday morning by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who appealed to bilateral partners and international organizations for assistance to develop Maldives.

This year’s forum is being run under the theme “Investment in a Resilient and Sustainable Maldives”.

The Maldivian administration is scheduled to brief development partners on multiple planned projects and present the proposals on the planned projects during the course of the forum.

Speaking during at the inauguration, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer stressed that assistance of development partners was vital for the development of Maldives.

“The country cannot develop and prosper through the efforts of the country alone. We believe Maldives can only prosper with the assistance of the Maldivian people and development partners. Through collaborative effort,” said Ameer.

He said that the Maldives has made great strides in development, but still faced the challenge of delivering the benefits of the development to its people.

“Maldives will be developed as an island nation without sidelining any island. So that each and every island enjoys the benefits of development,” said Ameer, adding that the Maldivian administration, through its newly established Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, has compiled development plans and is ready to take the next step in realizing the plans.