26 candidates apply for NIC, including ex-President of NIC

File photo of Yoosuf Maaniu Mohamed, former President of National Integrity Commission (NIC) (2nd R) accompanied by other members of the NIC during a meeting at the President's Office. (File Photo/President's Office)

26 candidates have applied for the post of commissioner at the National Integrity Commission (NIC), including the former President of NIC, Yoosuf Maaniu.

Maaniu was serving as the President of NIC when he was dismissed from the commission on November 23, 2017.

The law requires NIC to have five members. The 26 candidates who have applied for the NIC will be evaluated by the Independent Institutions Committee of the Parliament and sent to the floor for a vote. The names of the five candidates who secure the most votes will be sent to the President’s Office.


  1. Dr. Aishath Shehenaz Adam, M. Amazon, Male’ City
  2. Mohamed Zaheen, Dhafthar no. 8544
  3. Mohamed Afzal, Ma. Hilston, Male’ City
  4. Dr. Mohamed Muneez, H. Elfaasho, Male’ City
  5. Arham Abdul Raheem, Dhafthar no. 290
  6. Aishath Hussain Manik, H. Reendhoo Kokaage, Male’ City
  7. Hussain Hameed, G. Thundiveli, Male’ City
  8. Shuaib Abdul Rahman, Dhafthar no. 1188
  9. Ahmed Adheem, M. Rabee-eege, Male’ City
  10. Dr. Mariyam Shahuneeza Naseer, Thiladhoo, H. A. Dhidhdhoo
  11. Yoosuf Maniu Mohamed, G. Atha, Male’ City
  12. Aminath Rukshana Ibrahim, M. Liaage, Male’ City
  13. Abdul Azeez Yoosuf, Arutha, B. Maalhos
  14. Rizmeena, Violetge, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  15. Abdulla Raazee, Cozy, Funaadu, Gn. Fuvahmulah
  16. Shafeeqa Naeem, Beachside, F. Nilandhoo
  17. Ahmed Moosa, H. Amsa Villa, Male’ City
  18. Adam Naeem, H. Finibin, Male’ City
  19. Mohamed Husham Ali, H. Aazaadhuvaadhee, Male’ City
  20. Nasira Sodhiq, M. Three Bird, Male’ City
  21. Ali Mohamed Manik, Dhafthar no. 1851
  22. Hussain Rasheed Yoosuf, Dhafthar no. 2065
  23. Mariyam Saeeda Ibrahim, M. Kokaa Handhuvaruge, Male’ City
  24. Hawwa Wajdha, Thundi, L. Gan
  25. Khadheeja Naeem, M. Ranvaru, Male’ City
  26. Minna Nafiz, M. Lilies, Male’ City

National Integrity Commission Act states 11 main criterions for application to the commission.  It includes being the age of 30 years or above, being of sound mind, being a Maldivian and a Muslim, educational qualification of minimum first degree standard, and minimum seven years of work experience.

The applicant also must not me a member of any political party, be employed by any law enforcement agency, or have any close family relations with any employee of a law enforcement agency.