Top PPM lawmaker submits motion over “mass termination” of opposition-aligned employees

Leader of PPM's parliamentary group, MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik speaks during a joint PPM-PNC press conference. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

Parliamentary group leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik has submitted a motion to the Parliament alleging imposition of discriminatory measures against opposition-aligned employees working for State-owned companies including suspension and termination.

In a letter addressed to the Secretary-General of the Parliament, Aminath Niusha, Nihan wrote that he had been receiving complaints from numerous sources over unlawful termination of employees from State-owned companies since President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assumed power.

He said the issue was especially predominant at the State-owned utility company, Fenaka Corporation.

“I ask that the Government Oversight Committee of the Parliament convene for a meeting to look into this issue under Section 124 of Parliamentary Regulations,” wrote Nihan.

Allegations of mass suspension of employees at Fenaka Corporation first surfaced in early January.

Fenaka Corporation has denied imposition of any discriminatory measures, stating that any suspension the corporation may have imposed was based on findings of negligence and misuse of company resources.

The corporation said that all disciplinary measures were imposed based strictly on relevant regulations and policies.