Councils to be awarded up to MVR 300K for community development

An aerial shot of a string of Maldivian islands. (File Photo)

Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the decision to award local councils up to MVR 300,000 for community and social development projects in the atolls this year.

Ministry of Home Affairs opened the opportunity for submission of proposals by local councils this Monday.

Funds are to be awarded community development projects which are carried out with involvement of councils.

Local councils will be awarded up to MVR 300,000 per project, but each council is only eligible to apply for funding for one project per year under the program.

“Examples of projects local councils can apply for funding are; building walls around cemeteries, installing street lamps, installation of navigational lights, construction of funeral homes, construction of pay toilets, construction of ferry terminals, and other similar projects,” wrote Ministry of Home Affairs in its announcement.

The deadline for submission of proposals has been set to April 14.

Ministry of Home Affairs reports points will be allocated based on several factors including; the purpose of the project, the impact and results of the project, future maintenance plan, role of island council in the project, and extent of positive impact from the project to local residents and community development.

Only the proposals which score the highest points will be awarded funds.