DJA: Supreme Court annulled the stoning sentence, not the charge

People walk by the Supreme Court of Maldives. (File Photo/Sun)

The Supreme Court annulled the sentence of death by stoning issued by the Naifaru Magistrate Court, not the charge against the woman for extramarital sex, says Department of Judicial Administration (DJA).

Speaking during the press conference by DJA this Wednesday, the Legal Officer at DJA, Faisal Adam clarified the Supreme Court annulled the trial held by the Naifaru Magistrate Court in the case against the woman.

“The charge has not been annulled. Supreme Court has provided guidance to the Naifaru Magistrate Court on how to proceed following the termination of the sentence,” said Faisal.

Faisal said the Supreme Court applied its principles in dealing with issues of public interest in annulling the stoning sentence.

Naifaru Magistrate Court sentenced the woman, a local from Naifaru, to death by stoning after she confessed to engaging in extramarital sex on January 6. The Supreme Court intervened to annul the sentence the next day, on January 7.

The top court annulled the sentence on procedural grounds, citing deviation from the punishment prescribed by law in such cases.

The woman was charged with engaging in extramarital sex under Article 27 of the Act on Sex Crimes.

Article 27 of the Act on Sex Crimes:

  • Extramarital sex is a criminal offense
  • The punishment for extramarital sex is 100 lashes and house imprisonment for one year to three years.