Husnu Suood petitions to make Elections Day a holiday

Attorney-at-law, Husnu Suood. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Attorney General and leading attorney, Husnu Suood has filed a petition with Supreme Court requesting the day of the Presidential Elections 2018 be made a public holiday.

Elections Commission (EC) has announced the Presidential Elections will be held on September 23.

Husnu Suood asked in the petition to make September 23 a public holiday as it is a working day in Maldives.

He reasoned that making the day a public holiday will ease the inconveniences which will be faced by voters. He said that if September 23 is not made a holiday, it will infringe on the rights of voters who live in Vilimale’ and Hulhumale’, but work at Male’ City.

September 23 is a Sunday, a working day in Maldives.