Former VP of LGA declares candidacy for Presidential Election

Former Vice President of LGA, Shujaau Hussain (R) at a previous press conference. (Sun file photo)

The former Vice President of the Local Government Authority (LGA), Shujaau Hussain, has announced his candidacy as an independent candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election. 

The statement announcing his candidacy said that he decided to run for a numerous of reasons. And that is to grant a number of rights for the people. 

His statement said that he believes that the basis of a modern democracy and human rights must be granted to the public as stated in the Constitution. 

"Judicial system must become fair and the military and the police must put forth national interest." Shujaau's statement said. 

The Elections Commission announced last night that the 2018 Presidential Election will be help on 23 September and preparations are underway. 

Aside from the former Vice President of LGA, the candidates who have announced they would be running are the current President, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on behalf of PPM and the former Home Minister, Umar Naseer, as an independent candidate. 

Although the former President Mohamed Nasheed has been announced as the MDP candidate in the election, he cannot take part in the election as he is currently under a prison sentence. 

Elections Commission has said that the MDP primaries held with Nasheed as the only candidate is an illegal, invalid election.