Kulhudhuffushi baby diagnosed with severe dengue out of ICU

A photo of the baby's hand.

The condition of the eight-month-old baby girl, who was battling for her life when she was transferred from Kulhudhuffushi City to the capital earlier this week, is improving, according to the hospital.

A spokesperson from the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) told Sun on Saturday that the baby, who was diagnosed with a severe case of dengue, has been transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to a ward.

She was initially treated at the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital.

According to the family, they repeatedly consulted with doctors from the hospital, starting from May 12.

The second time the parents took her to the hospital, after she began vomiting, the doctor diagnosed her with viral fever and prescribed medicine.

According to the family, hospital failed to run any tests, despite the repeated consultations.

She was finally diagnosed with dengue on may 27, after the family pressed the hospital to run tests.

She was immediately admitted to the ICU, where she was given blood transfusions.

According to the family, the cannula inserted to the baby’s hand for the transfusion bent, resulting in leakage of blood into the tissue around it.

The family wasn’t informed of it during the checkup conducted by the hospital before she was transferred to Male’ City via ambulance.

The baby’s mother didn’t notice the swelling until they got into the hospital’s elevator to leave on Monday midnight.

Doctors at IGMH previously said the baby would require surgery, if the infected area of her hand does not heal.

The Health Ministry has opened a review into the case, following the allegations of negligence against the Kulhudhuffushi hospital.

The hospital’s spokesperson declined to make a comment regarding the incident, until the medical review is complete.