Male’ City to hold byelections for three vacant seats on July 20

Male' Mayor Adam Azim chairs a meeting of Male' City Council on January 24, 2024. (Photo/Male' City Council)

Elections Commission (EC) has announced that by-elections to elect members to three vacant seats at the Male’ City Council will be held on July 20.

The three seats were vacated after three councilors were elected to the Parliament in the elections held in April.

They are: Ibrahim Shujau, Ahmed Zameer and Ahmed Aifan.

Shujau, who had served as the councilman from the Hulhumale’ district, is now the parliamentary representative for the Baarah constituency.

Zameer, who had served as the councilman from Central Henveiru district, is now the constituency’s parliamentary representative.

Aifan was also elected as the parliamentary representative of the constituency he represented at the council – the West Henveiru district.

All three were elected to the Parliament on behalf of the main ruling People’s National Congress (PNC), and took their oath of office along with the rest of the 93-member new parliamentary assembly last week.

In a statement announced on Friday, the EC opened candidacy for council by-elections for eight seats, including the three seats in the country’s capital.

Candidacy is also open to elect:

  • A president to the Lh. Atoll Council
  • A president to the F. Biledhdhoo Council
  • A member to the Kulhudhuffushi City Council
  • A member to the R. Hulhudhuffaaru Council
  • A member to the R. Rasmaadhoo Council (a seat reserved for women)

Candidacy will remain open until 4:00 pm on May 14.

Voting will take place between 08:00 am and 04:00 pm on July 20, and the official results will be announced on July 22.