Nilandhoo opens applications for 129 land plots

F. Nilandhoo.

The local council has opened applications for 129 plots of public land from F. Nilandhoo.

According to an announcement published by the Nilandhoo Council on the Government Gazette on Saturday night, the council made the decision to issue public land for residential use in a meeting held on April 3.

The council is issuing 129 plots; 96 plots that are 2,000 square feet in size, and 33 plots that are 2,800 square feet in size.

According to the council, 96 plots will be issued from the reclaimed area in the western end of the island, five from the area in front of Velige, four from the area in front of Huvandhuge, and 24 plots from the beachfront area near Athimi.

A woman and child walk on a street at F. Nilandhoo. (File Photo/Trip Advisor)

The eligibility criteria for the plots include being a Maldivian citizen, and being of at least 18 years of age. The applicants also must not own or have a public or privately-owned land or part of a public or privately-owned land registered to their name.

They must also score above 60 points based on the standard for evaluation of applications for land.

F. Nilandhoo.

The full list of requirements is available on the council’s announcement.

Applications can be submitted online via the Housing Ministry’s Hiyaavehi Portal. Physical forms can be submitted to the Nilandhoo Council between 09:00 am and 01:00 pm on working days.

The deadline is 01:00 pm on May 30.