41 complaints on parliamentary election

Campaign posters stacked at the Male' City ring road that connects the capital to Sinamale' Bridge -- Sun Photo/ Mohamed Maavee

Elections Commission (EC) on Sunday reported receiving 41 complaints regarding the upcoming parliamentary election scheduled for April 20th, 2024.

Speaking with 'Sun', Secretary-General of EC, Hassan Zakariyya said the commission's complaints bureau received 41 complaints out of which 38 have been reviewed.

Hassan added that out of the issues EC received, majority of the complaints were related voting rights; with 26 such cases reported. Out of the 26 cases regarding voting rights, 25 have been reviewed fully with one currently under review.

The commission also received five complaints related to campaigning issues, out of which four have been reviewed. It had received two more cases related to election officials, four more related to registration, and five issues regarding candidacy.

"The commission has reviewed four cases related to registration, while only one case related to election officials is pending," he added.

While the commission is reviewing complaints it received, recently the statements made at a campaign rally of PPM/PNC have attracted media and public scrutiny. At the said rally, a pro-government official insinuated the use influence against employees working in state-owned enterprises to force their allegience to the ruling coalition.

Following public concerns on the matter, EC President Fuad Thowfeek asked to submit the case to the commission for reviewal. 

However, PNC claimed the sentiments of its supporters are not endorsed by the party.

Meanwhile, opposition alleges the ruling party was exploiting its power ahead of the election by providing employment or resorting to intimidation to secure votes, which the government has denied.