Ministers campaigning for independent candidate draws PNC ire

PPM/PNC members supporting Sanah continued to voice their displeasure upon the arrival of ministers to support independent candidate running for Thimarafushi seat--

After two cabinet ministers participated in campaign efforts of an independent candidate running for Thimarafushi constituency despite a PNC candidate contending for the seat, members of the party have expressed their displeasure.

Ahmed Sanah secured PNC's ticket for the constituency since he was the only candidate to contend for the seat from the party. 

Despite this rumors have spread that despite a PNC candidate running for Thimarafushi constituency, the ruling party is endorsing the independent candidate, Ahmed Riyaz.

Riyaz is the elder sibling of Abdulla Riyaz, the current Thimarafushi MP and Vice President of Maldives National Party (MNP), a coalition partner of PNC for the upcoming elections.

While Riyaz's campaign posters feature President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the candidate claimed he had the president's full support as well.

Videos circulating on social media platforms show Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources Ahmed Shiyam, Minister of Housing and Minister of Health Abdulla Khaleel officiating Riyaz's campaign hub on Thursday.

Thimarafushi island council's president Ismail Ibrahim, while speaking to 'Sun' confirmed general members of PPM/PNC coalition supporting Sanah voiced their ire when the ministers visited the island on Thursday afternoon to open the campaign hub. He also added that the said members were present near Riyaz's campaign hub at the time of its inauguration.

"Even when the ministers got off the island, the members continued to express their displeasure," the council president added.

He further confirmed the presence of police officers near the campaign hub at the time.