Projects possible by 2024 end owing to budget: Pres

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu address the public of L. Isdhoo and Kalaidhoo -- Photo/ President's Office

According to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, majority of the development initiatives can be commenced by the end of 2024 owing to the limitations of the approved state budget for the year.

President Muizzu, who is on a tour of Laamu atoll, made the remarks at campaign rally while speaking with the locals of L. Isdhoo and L. Kalaidhoo on Thursday

At the rally, President Muizzu said the current budget was approved by the outgoing government, and was not formulated according to the current administration's preferences.

"As you all can recall, the previous government's Finance Ministry submitted the budget for parliament approval around October-November last year after amending some of our prepositions," he said.

He added his administration listed all the initaitives he wished to achieve in 2024, but the parliament omitted several of these in the final approved budget.

While highlighting the budget constraints for planned initiatives, President Muizzu said these projects can only commence by late 2024 despite the wish to launch them in May.

"It is unlikely we can proceed with the initiatives as per the plan because of the approved budget for the year, but the hope is to resolve it and launch the initiatives soon," he added.

He also said the projects in multiple islands had stalled owing to outstanding payments at the time he assumed office, which his government is now attempting to rectify with some of these initiatives already mobilized. 

President Muizzu's administration has also begun putting newer projects for tendering as well, he added.

"Most of the initiatives are ready for mobilization while others have already commenced," he said.

After concluding his tour of Laamu atoll, President Muizzu is expected to make an unofficial visit to Addu City on Friday, and return to Male' City on Saturday.