Spokesperson: No participation of Democrats in any transitional works

Spokesperson of the President-Elect's Office Mohamed Firuzul Abdulla Khaleel speaks to press on October 25, 2023. (Photo/ELIYZ)

Spokesperson of the President-Elect’s Office Firuzul Abdulla Khaleel, on Wednesday, stated that there is no participation of The Democrats in any work undertaken during the transitional phase between the incoming and outgoing administrations.

Answering a press conference on Wednesday regarding the possible level of The Democrats’ involvement in the incoming administration – Firuzul said only members of the opposition coalition comprising of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) are involved in transitional works.

“Only our members are included in the works carried out by transitional teams. This is including technical works and administrative works,” he said.

Firuzul also stressed that there were no ongoing discussions with The Democrats at the moment.

He pointed out that the only discussion held with The Democrats, was during a meeting with the Director of Transition Abdul Raheem Abdulla.

Firuzul said proposals made by The Democrats during the meeting with Abdul Raheem included recommendations on how to upkeep the government and policies that are similar to those of the opposition coalition.

He named some of the policies as running the government as transparently as possible and straying away from corruption.

“After that meeting, no additional discussions have taken place with The Democrats during the transitional phase,” he added.

Interim Chairperson of The Democrats Hassan Latheef had recently remarked it was not important for the party to receive posts within the new administration. Instead, he said it was more important to uphold the values of The Democrats, if they are given a chance within the new administration.