Firuzul: There are agencies requiring special audits

Mohamed Firuzul, the spokesperson of the president-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's office holds a press conference on October 9, 2023.

Transition committees have identified some agencies that need special audits, Transitional Spokesperson Firuzul Abdulla Khaleel said on Wednesday. 

Speaking at a press conference to share the latest information on the transitional process, Firuzul said the agencies that need special audits that have been identified are ones showcasing issues of concern. 

“Of these, we have identified agencies, companies, or institutions that need special audits,” Firuzul said.

Firuzul did not give details about the agencies. He said he would reveal the information later.

He said the audit office would be asked to audit these agencies in the coming days. 

The reports to be prepared by the interim committees have been prepared and shared, he said.

“We consider the fact that DG of Transition was appointed on October 4, subsequently commencing work immediately from that point on, to complete such a massive task in 21 days, as a great feat,” Firuzul said.

Firuzul said after the work of these reports, the next step will be to accelerate the formulation of policies. The reports have provided detailed information on the condition of the agencies and the next step will be to further improve the policies based on the information, he said.

“Thus, I highlight the detailed works to be completed regarding fiscal policies, monetary policies, as well as 100-day plan, take-over plan, and also government structure based on the information we gathered through these reports,” Firuzul said.

Earlier, Firuzul had expressed concern over the behavior of some agencies while talking about the transition process. However, he noted that he has received cooperation overall.

He said the transition work is progressing at a satisfactory pace.