Muizzu: Must respect opponents and not fall to substandards

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (L) shakes hands with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) during the 2023 presidential debate on September 2, 2023.

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, citing the need to respect opponents despite political differences, has stressed the importance of giving into anger and falling to substandards.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Sh. Funadhoo on Sunday night – Muizzu remarked that the Maldivian society has lost the characteristic of respecting one another. He added that peace can be ensured when the characteristic is re-engrained within the society.

He underscored the importance of teaching such etiquette to children in schools.

The opposition candidate, referring to his pledge to create a separate subject for nationality which was announced earlier, stressed the importance of teaching etiquette in the same manner.

Muizzu said that the good etiquette of respecting one another needs to be engrained back to the Maldivian society, including the religious and other etiquette Maldivians had long practiced before.

Noting that the conduct of political opponents can be upsetting at times – Muizzu urged not to fall to the level of the individuals carrying out such acts.

“We should lead with examples from action and words. Must not fall to substandards of political opponents to refute them,” he said.

Muizzu’s remarks come after First Lady Fazna Ahmed’s visit to Hiyaa flat area on Sunday evening to garner support for her husband, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who is facing off Muizzu in the runoff of the presidential election slated for September 30th, was met with protest from opposition supporters.

Speaking further, Muizzu, describing drug addiction as the biggest obstacle for youths, said overcoming the problem will further create order across the nation.

He pledged to allocate a portion from the state budget every year to cater to youths battling drug addiction if elected and in this trajectory, to establish rehabilitation centers across various Maldivian regions.

He also pledged to facilitate an environment where new juvenile offenders can be reintegrated back to society by following the footsteps of other nations in not imposing heavy punishment on such children.