Saajidhaa: Muizzu is not an extremist but a supportive husband

Opposition Coalition's presidential candidate, Dr Mohamed Muizzu with his wife at the campaign rally held in Fuvahmulah City on August 26, 2023. (Photo/PPM)

The accusations that PPM PNC Presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu supports harsh ideologies have been refuted by his wife, Saajidhaa Mohamed.

She responded to the allegations that women's rights would be violated under Muizzu's government when asked by a journalist during a campaign event. Saajidhaa, in this regard, said Islam is the religion that gives the greatest importance to women's rights and this is the most perfect religion.

Describing Muizzu's temperament from her own experience, Saajidhaa said the couple are not extremists and that they were educated in Western countries.

“It has been almost 23 years since I have been working at the Ministry of Health as a civil servant,” Saajidhaa, who works as a senior scientific officer at the Maldives Food and Drug Authority, said.

She said that Muizzu fully supports her in everything she does, that he doesn’t have a particular stance just because he is a man, adding that he even helps with the household chores.

“My husband is someone that takes my side in everything I do,” she said.

Saajidhaa said she is describing Muizzu as someone who is not an extremist because he has given her the freedom to do whatever she wants, however she wants. 

“I want to disagree with the talk that he’s an extremist as he funded my masters degree which I did in the UK,” she said.

Noting that members of Saajidhaa’s family are leading the Salaf, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s campaign spokesperson, Marya Ahmed Didi, accused it of being an extremist organization and repeatedly said that Muizzu is affiliated with it.