President: We had to bear burden of past government's lack of planning

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at R. Innaamaadhoo on August 24, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that his government had to bear the burden of the things the previous government had done without a plan.

Speaking at R. Innamaadhoo President Solih said that there were some projects that were started by the previous regime that weren’t finished when his term began.

He said that is because of the carelessness in proceeding with those projects. These include sewage systems and road development projects in some islands.

He further said that 90 percent of the government's basic needs projects have been completed and the rest is underway, as of today.

“Three or four islands were at a standstill like this. We had to do a lot of hard work. There were many difficulties as these projects had been started without proper planning,” President Solih said.

The President said the sewerage work in Innamadu was in a  similar state and this government had solved the problem.

Noting that this is an island with many carpenters, President Solih said that there are many difficulties for carpenters on this island.

The President said that a system will be established to provide easy access to loans to such workers in order to counteract the difficulties in creating an investment.

“We will also shape our policies in the future to enable you to participate in various government schemes and receive financial assistance easily,” President Solih said.

He further said that he would solve the problems faced by carpenters and fibre workers in the future.

Projects planned for Innamaadhoo in President Solih’s second term:

  • Establishment of additional facilities with a new school building
  • Establishment of a sports facility
  • 24-hour health center service
  • Construction of residential rowhouses or flats