President: Apartments from JAAH’s The Gardens will be issued in six months

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addresses a campaign rally in Male' on September 28, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says that people who purchased apartments from The Gardens, launched by JAAH Investments, will receive their apartments in the next six months.

In a campaign rally in Male’ on Thursday night, President Solih said that many of the housing projects launched during the former administration were run poorly, resulting in damages to the people.

He said that it included the Sealife apartments, K-Park, and JAAH.

He pledged to solve the issues with JAAH’s The Gardens.

President Solih said that Urbanco will finish work on the project and issue the apartments to all those who receive the letter of award within the next six months.

Highlighting on the K-Park Residence, President Solih said Urbanco will take over the project as soon as the Gardens project is done.

Urbanco posted an announcement seeking a consultant to finish construction of The Gardens last month.

JAAH, run under the umbrella of Jausa, was allocated land for the project in 2017, under the condition that it complete the project in two years.

However, the project remains incomplete to date.

This prompted the people who paid for the apartments to stage protests.