President: This is the five years with the most projects in history

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking in R. Kinolhas. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said today that this is the term that has had the most projects done in Maldives’ history.

Speaking at the campaign rally in R. Fainu, President Solih said that while there were many projects done, they were not able to utilise the five years to the fullest extent.

“I can’t say that we got the whole five years. With the global pandemic of COVID-19, we all had to focus on the health of the people. To save the lives of the people,” he said.

President Solih further said that some projects had to be postponed and that that is the reason some projects did not proceed at the speed they had hoped.

The hope, however, is to finish those in the remaining days of his term, he said.

He also said that all these projects were made possible by avoiding differences of opinion and not getting involved in political turmoil.

He said that if he were to get involved in the turmoil, there would be no time to even think about the projects.

President Solih said the aim is to provide greater ease in transportation to the southern islands of the atoll with the airport that is built in Beriyan Faru.

“We decided on Beriyan Faru after many discussions,” he said.

He further said that while it was initially decided that the airport will be built in Fainu, he realised from the discussions that the most people will be benefited if the airport is in Beriyan Faru.

“Environmentalists might have some misgivings about this,” President Solih said while highlighting how little the impact on the environment will be.

President Solih said that protecting the environment means making the most of its resources in the most respectful way.

Projects planned for Fainu in President Solih’s second term:

  • Developing a ring road
  • Extending the docks and designating a place to ground boats
  • Building a tennis court
  • Building a football field
  • Creating a swimming track
  • Using renewable energy and upgrading electric services