Multiple projects planned for Kinolhas, an Adhaalath stronghold

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking in R. Kinolhas. (Photo/MDP)

Speaking in R. Kinolhas, which has many supporters of Adhaalath Party, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to do many things for the island.

President Solih, who began his campaign visits to R atoll today, said he was confident that he would get the full majority in the last election as he did in the last election. 

Things that will be done in Kinolhas in President Solih’s second term:

  • Paving bigger roads with tar and modernising them
  • Constructing a new building for the council
  • Building a multipurpose hall in the school
  • Building an extension building for the Health Centre
  • Building an indoor sports hall.

President Solih said that these things are important for the development of the island. He said that he will continue to do things that the people ask of him. 

“I guarantee you that changes will be made to this list. My request is that the people of Kinolhas help make the coalition between us, Adhaalath Party, and MDA bigger and go out to vote and join us in winning this election in one round,” he said.

He further said that he will make arrangements so that civil servants can work from home in the last 10 days of Ramadan, to provide ways to work on a flexible basis.

President Solih was referring to the 'Heyo Verikan’ policy of the MDP manifesto released yesterday.

“We will also be changing the last 10 days of Ramadan to allow you to work from home in the future,” he said.

He didn't give any further details about this policy.

 President Solih also said that council offices will be built in all the islands where council offices are worn down and islands where there is no building for the council in the next term.