R.Angolhitheemu council opens application for land plots

R.Angolhitheemu. (Photo / Facebook)

The island council of R.Angolhitheemu on Thursday announced opening application for land plots from the island. 

This would be the first time in 11 years since land will be allocated from the island for residential purposes. According to the council, a total of 32 plots, each measuring 3,000 square feet will be given this time around. 

Speaking with Sun, the President of R.Angolhitheemu council Faisal Naseem said that it has taken such a long time to issue land due to a lack of land use plan. 

He went on to reveal that as soon as the land use plan was approved, a committee was formed including all the organizations, and associations in the island. Within the committee, discussions were held on deciding factors in allocating the land plots. 

“When allocating plots, priority will be given to families of children with special needs. Couples who have been married for a long period of time, but are childless would also be given. A lot of times, being married is included as an eligibility factor. But we have decided that any one over the age of 18, even if unmarried, will qualify.”

In addition to this, Faisal noted that although there is no shortage of land, there are many facing housing difficulties. 

The council has now opened submitting applications, and any interested candidates can fill out the required form, and submit it before September  20. 

According to the most recent census, the population of Angolhitheemu is 349, of which 167 are males and the remaining 182 are females.